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JUST IN: Sen.Bong Revilla Sinupalpal si De Lima “You Can’t Escape Karma”

Former Senator Bong Revilla Jr. Has finally spoken about the latest issue that is being thrown to Senator Leila De Lima wherein the latter is being accused of having connections in the drug trade.

In a statement on PEP, Bong Revilla Jr. Said that the Senator would not escape karma

“Senator de Lima, walang takas sa karma. You dish it like the self-righteous person you are but act like a victim when you’re on the receiving end.

As remembered, Senator De Lima, being the former Secretary of the Department of Justice, was the one who accused former Senators Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada on the PDAF scam that caused them to be jailed in Camp Crame.

“Kaming mga kalaban niyo, ginawan niyo ng kuwento at dinurog niyo ang pangalan at pagkatao ng ganun na lang.”

(You have made up stories against us, your enemies, and destroyed our names and personalities that easily.)

And now that the lady Senator has been in hot water these days, Revilla said that De Lima needs to say directly answer the questions being thrown at her.

“Kaya ngayon, ang masasabi ko lang, sagutin mo nang diretso ang mga paratang sa ‘yo. Tapos na ang ilusyon mo. Harapin mo ang katotohanan.”

(And now, all I can say is that you should directly answer the accusations being thrown at you. Your illusion has ended. Face the truth.)

Revilla seemed to have a sense of triumph, said: “What goes around comes around.”

Bong Revilla Jr. is still under the custody of the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame for two years and two months already.

Senator Leila De Lima has been the issue in the country in the past few days because of accusations of having connections with people involving in the drug trade. [source]

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