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De Lima "Si Duterte ang tunay na mastermind na ipapatay si Jaybee Sebastian"

President Rodrigo Duterte is the mastermind behind the stabbing of high-profile New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) inmate Jaybee Sebastian last September 28, according to Senator Leila de Lima. This is her response to the statement of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, saying that she and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV are involved in the said incident.

“Yung kay Jaybee Sebastian meron one of the inmates said it was instigated to stop Jaybee Sebastian (from testifying on De Lima’s drug links at the House of Representatives) at ang itinuturo nila ay an official of the Philippine Navy parang yun ang nag-utos (ng pananaksak),” Sec Aguirre told reporters this Tuesday, December 3.

“Nababanggit dun si Trillanes and De Lima but no supporting (evidence). Nababanggit lang. Yung mismong sumaksak (ang bumanggit),” He added, noting that the DOJ will not investigate on this because an investigation has been made.Sen. Trillanes, who is a former Philippine Navy member before he entered politics, has already denied the accusations.

Sec Aguirre was referring to the testimony of inmate Tomas Doniña, who admitted that he was the one who stabbed Jaybee Sebastian that time. According to the suspect, he was instructed to do everything to make sure that the latter won’t be able to testify against Sen. De Lima in the House inquiry on the alleged proliferation of illegal drugs inside the Bilibid.

Meanwhile, a very angry Sen. De Lima accused Sec. Aguirre of being a “lying bastard.” The Liberal Party (LP) senator emphasized that she has no reason for having Jaybee Sebastian hurt of killed because she was then hoping that the latter can still help her when she was still the DOJ secretary, adding that President Duterte himself is the mastermind.

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