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LOOK: Sarah Duterte Hinamon Ang Actress na si Cynthia Patag Goes Viral. Find Out Why?

Rody Duterte's equally famous Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is challenging the actress comedian Cynthia Patag when Inday saw the actress' controversial post! Read the article by Albert Egot Jr. below. 

The fever in the coming national election in the Philippines is heating up candidates in all levels just to get the precious votes of the people. Word-war is no different. It doesn’t surprise us.


This time, a former TV comedienne Cynthia Patag, who is also known to be a diehard follower of the Daang Matuwid,  posted on her facebook account an article with a photo of Mayor Rody Duterte’s children ( Inday Sara, Paolo, and Baste Duterte ) Patag satirically posted it with a caption ‘The First Children’.
The photos shows the bald Dutertes. This was taken when Inday Sara urged her friends on fb to get bald as sign of accepting the call for Rody Duterte to run for President.

In the article posted on X.Rappler by a certain Rakma-Balao which was reposted by Patag it says that‘Duterte wanted to head the whole Filipino family but he could not even care of his own’.

The post of Patag reached Inday Sara which prompted her to post her response. She said, she would love to have a debate with the Liberal Party supporter ‘anywhere, anytime’ tagging the actress a sycophant or a fawner.
While Sara is good to go for the debate challenge, she warned Patag that the latter would ‘poo’ a durian fruit if she will take Sara’s challenge.

cynthia's post
Inday Sara is close to her brothers. Protecting them is also her main duty aside from being a politician.

“My brothers are my rocks. Anyone who wants to trash talk them goes through me first” said Sara Duterte.

Inday Sara is a lawyer and running this election as Mayor in Davao City while his brother Paolo Duterte is currently the Vice Mayor of the said city. Baste is seen in different rallies for Rody Duterte’s presidential candidacy.

Cynthia Patag has been hitting Duterte hard on social media since the day one of his presidential candidacy journey. She is known to be one of the Liberal Party social media campaigners. Patag took the spotlight of her career during the long-running comedy sitcom Palibhasa Lalake. 

inday sarah insta post

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