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WATCH: Duterte To De Lima "‘Hoy De Lima, Makinig ka! Putangina ka!’

In a press conference on Thursday in Davao, President Duterte expressed his anger towards Senator De Lima, the Commission of Human Rights and the United Nations.

Here he shows he really gave it all out by saying her favorite cursing words ‘putangina’ and ‘gago’ over and over again. He even said: “Genocide genocide. tangina…Napaka bobo naman ninyong mga putang ina kayo! Is it live?” One of the crew of PTV 4 answered in the background: “Yes.” Then Duterte said, “E di mas mabuti. ulitin ko. Napakabobo naman kayong mga putang ina kayo!”

Watch the video below and witness yourself human aggression live and straight from the mouth of the President of the Philippines:

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